I'm using an iPhone/iPad, but when I try to follow a link to a hide-a-gram that I received via email or text message, nothing happens!

Check to be sure that you have Hide 'n See installed on your device. The hide-a-gram links you receive can only be decoded if you have Hide 'n See installed.

Can I use red decoder glasses to decipher a hide-a-gram created with Hide 'n See?

Yes. Note that if you have enlarged the hide-a-gram using an image editor like Photoshop, the quality may vary depending on the particular resizing algorithm used by the editor. Also, if you are trying to decipher a printed hide-a-gram, see below for tips on how to tweak the print quality to accomodate your printer.


On my printer, the blue letters come out too dark, which makes the hidden message too easy to read.

You can adjust the strength of the blue letters by repeatedly pressing the Brightness buttonbrightness button on the Your Secret page. (That's the same page where you print from.) You can choose from six different settings. Higher values make the message more obvious, lower numbers make the message fainter.


Is Hide 'n See available for my Android or Windows phone?

Sorry, not at the moment. But let us know you want it at webvoice@hidesee.com.

I want to go retro. Where can I get those paper glasses with the red lenses?

Drop us a line at webvoice@hidesee.com. We'll help you out.

Can you build me a custom app that uses hide-a-grams to promote my product or brand?

Sure, contact us at webvoice@hidesee.com.