For Parents & Teachers

Although Hide 'n See appeals to all ages, our priority is to spark young imaginations. Kids not only have fun, they also get an interactive demonstration of scientific principles involving optics and light. This app makes kids think and keeps them occupied by letting them actively experiment with filters and mirrors.

To use Hide 'n See, does my child need access to email or text messaging?

No. We recognize that many children aren't ready to have access to messaging tools. That's why our app contains a "Pretend to Send" feature that lets kids pretend to send their message and then have fun decoding it.

What age group is most appropriate?

Kids 7-13 are the primary audience. However, because the decoding mechanism is a visual process, we've seen learners as young as 4 enjoy revealing messages with the app.

If you have an anecdote or observation about how your child uses it, please feel free to post it onto our Facebook wall.