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Have a Secret Message?

Send a secret "hide-a-gram" message to your special someone or partner in crime. Your message is hidden in jumbled text and mirror writing, like the ones you see on fun cereal boxes and placemats!

Decipher messages using Hide 'n See's built-in red filter, which works just like classic red decoder glasses.

Did we mention it's free? Yes, free!

There are different ways to share

Just Type and Share

Type your message to instantly hide it in a “red reveal” colorgram.

Your message is embedded in an image that you can:

  • Send via email
  • Save to your camera roll so you can send it via MMS messaging or post it to Facebook, Twitter, or any other site that lets you upload photos.
Print Messages

Make Signs or Stickers

Print your message directly from your phone to any AirPrint-capable wireless printer. Or email it to yourself and resize it to print as you like.

Your friends will be able to decode it simply by starting Hide 'n See and aiming their iPhone’s camera at the printed copy!

Decode Messages

Need to Decode a Colorgram?

Did you receive the message on your iPhone?

  • Just tap the image to copy it to your clipboard or save it to the phone’s camera roll. Then start Hide 'n See and load the image from either.

Perhaps you received the message somewhere other than your phone?

  • Just pop it onto your computer screen, fire up Hide 'n See, and aim the camera at your screen!